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Solar panel cleaning services

Benefits of Regular Solar Panel Cleaning

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According to government guidelines, it is recommended that solar panels be cleaned at least once a year to maintain optimal performance.

Studies have shown that even a small amount of dirt, dust or bird droppings can significantly reduce the efficiency of your solar panels.

A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that a buildup of just 3mm of dirt can reduce the energy output of a panel by up to 25%.

A dirty panel can also pose a safety risk, as it may cause a short circuit or even start a fire.

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Client Casestudy

20% Increase in Energy Production

Just 3mm of dirt can result in a yearly loss of up to 7% in energy production.

Vickie arrived at our office concerned about the inefficiency of their solar power supply. Our team of solar experts sprang into action and conducted a thorough inspection of their system. To our surprise, we discovered that the root cause of the problem was as simple as not having their solar panels cleaned in 2 years!

Think about it – just two years of dirt and debris build-up on your panels can cost you nearly a quarter of your energy production.

Our team quickly rectified the problem with professional cleaning, and the results were impressive. Vickie was thrilled to see a significant improvement in energy production, and they were amazed at how something as simple as cleaning their solar panels could make such a big difference.

Conducted a thorough inspection of the solar panel system and batteries.
Rectified the problem with a professional cleaning of the panels.
Saw up to 20% improvement in energy production.

Conducted a thorough inspection of the solar panel system and batteries.

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