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Solar Battery Installation

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Are you tired of not being able to use your rooftop solar power array during power outages or at night? Don’t let these limitations hold you back from enjoying the full benefits of your investment. Contact us today for a free quote on an energy storage solution that’s designed to compliment your existing solar power system.

By adding an Australian Standard approved battery, you’ll be able to store excess energy generated during the day and use it whenever you need it, even during power outages. Take advantage of generous government rebates and maximise your investment in clean, renewable energy. Get in touch with us today!

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Incentives provided by the government

The Australian government recognises the benefits of having a solar battery installed in conjunction with solar panels. Get in touch with us for a free quote on solar battery installations.

Feed-in Tariffs

Your energy retailer offers feed-in tariffs for excess energy generated by solar panels that is fed back into the grid. With a solar battery, you can store excess energy generated during the day and use it at night, reducing the amount of energy you need to purchase from the grid.

Grid Independence

Solar batteries allow homeowners to become more self-sufficient and reduce their dependence on the grid. In the event of a power outage, a solar battery can provide backup power to your home, ensuring you have a continuous supply of energy.

Increased Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar batteries can increase the overall efficiency of your solar panel system. By storing excess energy generated during the day, you can ensure that your panels are working at maximum capacity and generating the most energy possible.

Reduced Energy Bills

By using stored energy from your solar battery instead of purchasing energy from the grid, you can significantly reduce your energy bills month after month.

Government Rebates

The government encourages the adoption of clean & renewable energy solutions by offering rebates for the installation of solar batteries, making them more affordable for homeowners.

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